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Dean and I do share a more profound bond.


So, a Quidditch match at Hogwarts, right? Slytherin vs Gryffindor (yeah yeah obvious, I know shut up). And all of a sudden there’s this STAMP STAMP CLAP from the Gryffindor stand and all the Muggle-borns start singing/screaming WE WILL ROCK YOU across the pitch towards the Slytherins. And then there’s this little pause while the Muggle-born Slytherins (you know those fuckers are there, don’t deny it) have a really speedy chat, and then they retaliate with WHO LET THE DOGS OUT?!

and the wizards are just standing there like what the fuck is going on??


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Angels are warriors of God. I'm a soldier.
Misha and Jensen being cuties without doing anything


What’s better than Cas, cats, and over-sized sweaters? Nothing, that’s what.


about Dean's relationships with women






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Doesn’t anyone else find it strange that spn gives out weirdly specific spoilers, like the name of the girl Dean will have a fling with, or generally what could be considered the outline of the main plot from the first half of the series? I’m getting increasingly sceptical - I feel like they’re either completely shitting us or that they try to keep excitement up after…well, “some” negative feedback.

If they are trying to keep excitement up…they are doing a poor job of it.

It should come as no surprise that when the shows mostly female audience, who has been complaining about the show’s gratuitous misogyny for years, hears spoilers for S10 that amount to “Oh, you ain’t seen misogyny yet!”, when all they get is a promise of some ultra misogyny, that they get goddamn  rightfully pissed off, and express that pissed-offness to the people who dictate the shows content.

If SPN didn’t want to get criticism and hate about it’s gratuitously misogynistic content from it’s mostly female audience, then perhaps they should stop being so gratuitously misogynistic. Just a wild notion.

This plotline of Dean’s…it has no hope of NOT being misogynistic and gross. And no, the fact that it may be portrayed in a negative light does not make it okay; women are not there to be abused and mistreated just to show how dark a man has become. And regardless how its portrayed, they’re still showing their hero, their leading man, being all gross and mistreating women, cause that’s just how men are deep inside, that’s what men do when reduced to their base urges. They did not HAVE to go down this route, they CHOSE to. They chose to tell a misogynistic story.

I mean, do we really think this show as whole, this show that does not recognize or acknowledge its own misogyny (or homophobia or racism or rape culture bullshit) is going to do this storyline well? Do we think the people that wrote season 9, which was chock full of normalized rape and objectification and that sad excuse for an Abaddon story and showdown and Kevin fridging, season 9 which seemed to amp up it’s misogyny in a fit of pique, is going to handle this Demon!Dean in any kind of not-disgusting way? Do we want the writer of Rock and a Hard Place (who apparently thinks Human!Dean is a douchey horndog Quagmire who doesn’t care about a woman’s consent, who made a sex worker into nothing more than a hole to be filled with Dean’s magical healing penis) writing this kind of thing? Do we want the people who think rape is hilaaaaarious writing this kind of thing? Has this any chance of ending well, ending in a way that isn’t a big “Up Yours, You Whiny Bitches! We’ll Show You Some Misogyny!”?

And I’m not jumping the gun here, or freaking out over nothing. I’ve watched the show before, and am drawing on my past experiences with it to extrapolate probable outcomes to the proposed scenario. This ain’t ‘hysteria’. This is reason and experience forming a logical prediction. SPN has given me no real reason to think differently. And that’s their fault, not mine.

(Just for clarification, I actually think Berens’ scripts are the least misogynistic of any of the writers, he does well by his female characters for the most part, and I think he will continue to do his best in this regard next season. But he still works for a show that is hugely problematic in that area.)

Ah, but I actually completely agree with you. There’s such little chance that they won’t entirely ruin this show with their next Dean plot for me that I’m HOPING SO FREAKING MUCH that I read this wrong somehow…

And you’re right, I haven’t even seen it like this, but…After getting increasingly heavy criticism on their misogyny it’s kinda strange that they’d chose this plot. Like…what are they trying to accomplish? Do they actually think they’ll somehow win back that mysterious straight white audience they wish they had? Because, I don’t know, they’re easier to handle? I can’t imagine that, though.The female audience has bought them to Season 10, after all. It’s more likely to me that they have literally NO concept of the problematic aspects. They probably don’t even see it like that, and when there’s a woman on the writing team she seems to get along with it or comes over as even worse. Willfully alienating us would be such a stupid move that I can’t believe that that’s their intention.





 (by KarenCookePhotography)

Okay, that is a strange angle for a picture, but whatever. Can someone please explain what the hell is going on with the poster beside Misha?

It’s perfectly simple. Misha had some artistic fans alter the poster to make Sam and Dean French maids.

Then he borrowed some lipstick and added the smooch to Dean/Jensen’s cheek.

Finally, he realized that the lipstick he borrowed was not coming off and that he never thinks these things through.





Misha Collins. Who the hell is Misha Collins? Come on, we all know you know this incredibly abnosome human being. He is a loving, caring man and now it’s time to give him something back. So should we should do something pretty wicked cool.

Have you ever wished you could thank…



Jensen & little Dean 

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feminism never made me hate men

men’s behavior made me hate men


Ooh, I like this drawing. I keep forgetting about it. I should clean it up! Or remake it or something.

Thank you so much for applying for our gishwhes team! We’ve received a lot of applications and are still reviewing them but the first skype interviews have already been arranged. We’re really excited! Everyone looks so abnosome it will be hard to choose :o

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